Premium roof rack for vehicles

with raised roof rails.

 signo rt


Aesthetics and functionality form a competent entity with the Aero Profile and Signo RT. With the Aero Profile, Atera precedes in efficiency and force measurement . The minimization of wind resistance and fuel consumption are impressive. Stability and safety are further enhanced. With its clear design, the Signo RT is the shapeliest connection to the vehicle design.  The universal adjusting range makes the Signo RT fit on all vehicles with roof rails.


The rail rack
Signo RT are pre-assembled with Aero Profil or steel bars.



Please find the

vehicle specific

part numbers

within our printed

application list.

The pre-assembled Signo RT with Aero Profile or steel bars simply needs to be attached to the roof rails.

No tools are needed to align the Signo RT to the vehicle width. The alignment can be reached through back- and forth movement of the leg supports. Afterwards, you only need to open the sliding lid (see picture) and you can easily fix the position of the leg support with the Atera torque wrench with T-handle.

The perfect fastening torque is achieved by use of the Atera torque hex wrench with T-handle -

you are perfectly prepared for unforseeable situations.





Air Cushion






Instead of using the standard rain drop shape, we have introduced a specially designed 'ShapeBreak' at the trailing edge of the bar that controls the airflow in a favourable way. At the same time, the ShapeBreak improves the stability of the cross bar and helps to keep its weight low.


The 'WindBarrier' is a deflector for the air flow and is an important element, with its origin in aeronautics. The WindBarrier creates small swirls, forming an air cushion on the surface of the cross bar which acts as a bridge for the airstream above the T-Slot, preventing the development of noise under all driving conditions. Even when unloaded, it is not necessary to cover the T-Slot to prevent noise.


The genial side effect of the WindBarrier is that the T-Slot does not need to be covered to prevent noise in an unloaded state. Unpleasant wind noises are eliminated under all conditions.

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