Expand your transport capacity with attractive Atera roof boxes.

Enjoy the benefits of transportation for your sports and leisure equipment you don't want to miss - comfortable, dry and protected against theft.

All roof boxes are compatible to steel and aluminium cross bars. Atera roof boxes are TÜV-approved, city crash certified and come with a warranty of 5 years.

for a relaxing holiday

atera casar

The comfortable leisure box

in a new design language.


- Restful travel with Safeguard System

- Open & Close Assist - lifting/lowering mechanism

- Dual-Side - lid opening on both sides

- Optimized values in aerodynamics

- Premium fast fitting

- Lowered bottom

- Luggage protection

- 5-years warranty


Features (all): Cargo lashing straps, lashing eyes, dynamic opening system, central locking, quick fix system to roof bars




The unique Atera Safeguard System allows you to travel assured.

Just like car doors, you can now open and close your Casar roof box more conveniently.

And once the lever is lying in the recess, the roof box is 100% closed. Even if for once you should forget to withdraw your key. The box is and remains closed!


If the lever is sticking out, it signals to you that your roof box is not yet locked.

Atera Casar L and XL.



The lifting and lowering mechanism integrated into the Safeguard system offers even more convenience.


While opening the lever, the locking mechanism is released and simultaneously the roof box lid is slightly raised.


While closing the lever, exactly the opposite occurs. When the roof box lid is closed correctly, the lever enters its position and locks the box.

Atera Casar L and XL.



Lowered base

The benefit of lowering the floor is more than just additional space. The elegant transition to the vehicle design and the wind tunnel values

clearly reveal the extra value of Atera roof boxes.




Perfect access for loading –

whether mounted on the right

or left side of your car.

Atera roof boxes with Dual-Side lid opening offer an all around





To ensure your luggage is held firmly, it can be secured with the internal lashing straps.



After positioning the box on the cross bars, only the PREMIUM-Fit closure needs to be tightened. On reaching the optimum tightening torque, the rotary fastener clicks through audibly. The rubberised retaining claws below the box close around the cross bar and are centred automatically.


Lay the box on the roof bars. Position the box correctly and tighten the Master-Fit closure – done. The retaining claws under the box close firmly around the cross bar and are centred automatically. Only the red button needs to be pushed down and the box is secured. The retaining claws are rubber sheathed to protect the cross bar.



Optional fixation system for the T-slot of aluminium cross bars. This simple fixation not visible externally is an alternative to the retaining claw fixation. After the initial pre-mounting of the T-fixture to the roof box, the latter can be inserted via the T-slot of the aluminium profile.

The turning handles are firmly tightened – the box is securely fixed in place.


Dynamic opening


Innovative and convenient.

The spring-loaded lifting mechanism assists when opening and closing the lid (even at low temperatures).



atera certo

Excellent performance

at a fair price.

The magazine „auto motor und sport“, issue 22/2018, elected

the Atera roof box Certo 460 to the test winner.

The box scored first-class in all areas:

1. construction and handling / 2. driving tests / 3. crash test.


The test winner from Atera is mid-ranged in terms of price - a clear proof that premium technology, security and function from the Allgäu are affordable for every car owner.



Features (all): Cargo lashing straps, lashing eyes, dynamic opening system, central locking, quick fix system to roof bars


atera cargo

The Atera Cargo entry-level models are functional & practical. Atera Cargo boxes are available in two sizes and offer all you need for a relaxed journey.

Best price-performance ratio
Atera Cargo 830


Additional product features:
•  Easy mounting due to Master-Fit System

•  Spring supportet mechanism for easy
     opening & closing

•  Integrated steel rail for safe fixation

•  Impact resistant ABS / ASA material

•  Lowered base

•  Lowered space between roof and box to reduce

    wind noise

•  Lockable

•  Low weight

•  5 years warranty.

  • Cargo roof boxes come with:
  • Cargo lashing straps (Modell Cargo 830)
  • Lashing eyes (Modell Cargo 830)
  • Dynamic opening system
  • Quick fix system to roof bars

Basic carrier and assembly kit Article numbers and vehicle assignments.

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