Bike rear carrier

for the tow bar.

Carries everything.

Genio Pro is universally designed for bikes of all types and sizes.

210 mm Wheel rail spacing

for a "smooth" biketransport on the trailer hitch.

Completely foldable.

The innovative new folding system protects the large clear glass rear lights.

Plug & Drive quick-release fastener

on the tow bar. Intuitive and safe assembly.

Immediately expandable.

Nothing stands in the way of a bike tour with the three of you. The 3rd wheel rail can be attached quickly and without tools.

Widely tiltable.

And specially adjustable to the radius of your tailgate with one of 2 folding angles.

Genio Pro


  • Powerful complete carrier
  • Homogeneous design language
  • For any kind of bikes
  • Anti-theft device for bikes and carriers seperatly
  • Fits any tow bar, intuitive quick-release fastener
  • Self-retaining function on the tow bar
  • Distance holders removable and freely positionable
  • Distance holder ratchet strap ideal for cramped gripping spaces
  • Complete carrier with bikes can be widely folded
  • Folded: The powerful clear-glass lights are protected.
    The splash water dirty bottom side of the platform turns inwards.
    The aluminium cover on both sides serves as carrying handle.
  • Premium surfaces and high-strength materials

Please observe the maximum load of your tow bar in your vehicle´s handbook.

Please note the maximum loading capacity! Bicycles up to 30 kg per bike rail and up to 17,5 kg for the extension rail.


To order, please contact an Atera dealer. You can find a dealer near you using the Atera dealer search.

Excellent! in design,

workmanship and safety.

Genio Pro


Genio Pro


Ingenious bike backpacker -

Foldable. EXTENDABLE. Clean.


Level of innovation
  Atera Genio PRO, with its unique folding mechanism, perfected the compact carrier for a safe bike transport. The innovation persists in the rotation of the lateral wings. When they get folded together, they turn inwards, protect the lights and turn the clean side of the wings outwards. The carrier can be extended although it is foldable.

An additional bike rail can be attached and secured with large wing screws without any tools.


  The complete construction is future-oriented and universally designed for different bike/E-bike sizes and widths. The new Plug & Drive fast fitting is the most comfortable and safest mounting on the tow ball. The sidely underride protection serves as a carrying handle and a suspension for the drive-up rail. The carrier is TÜV-verified, has ECE type approval and exceeds all legal requirements of safety and stability.


  The arched platform stabilises the bikes during transport and forms, together with the large clear glass rear lights, a homogeneous continuation of the car design. The colour scheme is defined as anodized aluminium and matt black and underlines the stringent design.


  Matt anodized aluminium with matt black, fibreglass-reinforced plastic.


Quality of workmanship
  The carrier is designed for durability despite the impacts of weather, road conditions and heavy e-bikes. It has been tested under extreme conditions and climatic tests.



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